Your Local Police

Our local PCSO is John Mason. John conducts 'drop-in' surgeries (advertised on the parish notice boards and village website) where residents may register concerns about crime in the village.

PCSO John Mason

07921 938051

Details of the local neighbourhood police team can be found on the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website by clicking here

HOW and WHEN to Contact the Police

Dial 999 (the emergency number) if:

  • A life is in danger
  • A serious offence is in progress
  • A suspect is at the scene
  • An alleged offender is identified at any location
  • There is an imminent likelihood of violence/damage to persons/property
  • There is a serious road traffic collision

    Dial 101 (the non-emergency number) on all other occasions. (The call system is designed to recognise where you are calling from and connect you with the local police service. If you did not want to speak to your local force, or the force area you are in, you will be given the option to be connected to different one.
    The old 0345 456 456 4 number will remain in use alongside 101 for several months to allow people time to get used to the new number.)

    Although we have some contact details including email addresses and mobile phone numbers, the sergeant who oversees Milton asked that following caveat be added:

    The details are to enable local residents to contact their community officers to discuss local issues such as community engagement. Should anyone wish to contact the police to report a crime or ongoing live incident then the local call number 101 or in an emergency 999.

    This will allow the proper resources to be allocated to your call. If a resident emails a local officer to deal with an immediate issue, then they must be made aware that the officer might not be on duty at that time and could even be on leave.

    I am keen for residents to utilise their community officers when possible yet I am also aware that some people call the police requesting to speak to a local officer for advice. This does not necessarily mean that it needs being dealt with by a community officer

    Cambridgeshire Crimestoppers

    Call Freefone 0800 555 111 if you want to give information about crime anonymously.

    You can also fill out an anonymous online form here.

    Neighbourhood Panel Meetings

    The police hold Neighbourhood Panel Meetings (advertised on the parish notice boards and village website) at various venues throughout the year. If you have any concerns about community safety issues such as crime, anti-social behaviour, road safety and traffic management, as well as other matters that can impact upon our community, you are urged to attend. The more residents from Milton who attend the more likely that Milton issues will become high priorities. Updates about policing and dates for future Neighbourhood Panel Meetings can be found on the Policing in South Cambridgeshire website click here


    An innovative e-mail newsletter scheme which keeps you informed of local crime information, community news and policing activities in your neighbourhood. A regular e-mail bulletin from your Neighbourhood Policing Team tells you what is happening in your area.

    Free of charge. Register online here.

  • Gives you direct and convenient access to your Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • Feedback from you will be used to set policing priorities in your neighbourhood
  • You'll receive information and advice on how to protect your property and vehicles from crime
  • You'll receive regular updates about activity to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood

    Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

    A Village Coordinator is needed for Milton and also further street coordinators. Please do make yourself known to your local NHW Area Rep. Membership is free and belonging to a scheme should gain you a reduction in your household insurance premium. We would like your email address to communicate with you. All that we ask is that persons applying are honest, able to totally keep a confidence and have the desire to keep Milton a safe place to live.


    My name is Polly Wilderspin and you can reach me at . If you wish to know more, please do ask.