Questions & Answers

  • One of my street lights is out. What should I do?
    Call Freephone 0800 253529. You will need to quote the identification number on the column. Read more here.
  • How do I purchase a plot at the parish cemetery?
    Contact the Parish Clerk's Office (Tel. 861447 or e-mail: ). Read more about Milton Cemetery here.
  • How do I report overgrown trees/hedges that are encroaching onto a path/pavement?
    Contact the Parish Clerk's Office. We will need the number of the house concerned and a brief description of the problem. Please include your own name and phone number (which will be kept strictly confidential). We will then contact the appropriate authority at Cambridgeshire County Council.
  • How do I report a vehicle obstructing a pavement, cycle-path or road?
    Contact the Parish Clerk's Office (again giving the number of the house concerned and your own name and phone number) and we will pass on the information to the PCSO as this is a police issue.
  • How do I report dog fouling on pavements?
    This is an offence. If you witness an incident please take a note of the date, time and precise location, the type of dog, and identify (if possible) the person in charge of the dog and their address. You can either call the Environmental Health Dept at South Cambs District Council (Tel. 08450 450 063) or send the details via e-mail to:
    Read more here.
  • I've just seen some responsible dog owners cleaning up after their dog. What should I do?
    Thank them.
  • Which bin will be collected this week?
    Click here to find out which bin will be collected on which day in the village.
  • Where can I discuss local issues on-line?
    On Milton Chat. Register here.
  • I'm an older resident and value my independence, but I need some help. What should I do?
    Consider joining the Mobile Warden Scheme. Read more here.
  • What's this I've heard about free insulation for older residents?
    If you are over 70 and you have less than 2 inches of insulation in your loft then you can get a further 11 inches of insulation free! If you have under 6 inches of insulation already, it will cost about £150. If you have a cavity wall they will put insulation there, too. Contact Hazel Smith on 860752 and the Environmental Group will have a look in your loft for you and help you to fill out the forms from the HEAT project.
  • I want to know what Milton has to offer me and my family. What should I do?
    Read the Guide to Milton 2009 (which was distributed to every household in Milton in July 09); read the latest edition of the Village View magazine (which is also sent to every household in Milton); look through this website; take a look at the parish notice boards; and/or stop by the Community Centre.
  • My club/organisation is planning an outing and we will need to hire a minibus. What should I do?
    You can hire the Community Minibus. Read more here.
  • My club/organisation needs a regular venue. What should I do?
    Consider using the Milton Community Centre. Contact manager Andy Gray on 862763. Read more here.
  • Can I hire the Community Centre for my child's birthday party? How much would it cost?
    Yes, contact manager Andy Gray on 862763 for current prices. Read more here.
  • My club/organisation is not listed on this website. What should I do?
    Contact the Parish Clerk's Office and we will list your club on this website.
  • My club/organisation is having an event which we would like residents in Milton to know about.
    What should we do?

    Contact the Parish Clerk's Office to put your event on the parish notice boards and on the village website. You can also list your event in the Village View.
  • I have a terrific idea for a new club. What should I do?
    Write an article for the Village View and see if anyone in the village is interested in joining.
  • Someone just moved in next door to me. What should I do?
    Ask them to contact the Parish Clerk's Office to receive a Welcome Pack to the village.
  • I have concerns about crime in the village. What should I do?
    Come to the next PCSO surgery (advertised on parish notice boards and this website); attend the next Neighbourhood Panel Meeting (also advertised on parish notice boards and this website); and/or consider joining the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and/or E-Cops. Read more about all these options here.
  • Is there anywhere I can get free compost?
    Yes, at AmeyCespa's Waste Management Park, Ely Road (A10), Waterbeach, Tel. 861010. Bring your own sacks and spade. For more information, visit their website here.
  • I'm interested in environmental issues and want to reduce the carbon footprint of the village.
    Is there anyone in Milton like me?

    Yes, they are on the Parish Plan Environmental Group. Contact Hazel Smith on 860752. Read more about the Group and register to be put on their mailing list here.
  • I want to recycle my household batteries. Where can I take them?
    To the Mobile Library (find the Mobile Library schedule here).