Parish Council Agendas

Generally speaking the full council meet on the first Monday of every month at the Community Centre (except in August). The Planning Committee meet on the third Monday of every month, if there is any planning business to consider. Other committees meet throughout the year as necessary. Notice of all meetings is given on the Parish Noticeboard, which is located behind the war memorial on the corner of Coles Road and Fen Road, and on this page.

All meetings are open to the general public. You have no right to speak, but the chair may, at their discretion, let you address the council if the matter being discussed is of particular interest to you.

There is a leaflet available online about attending and speaking at parish council meetings. You can read it in HTML or PDF format.

You can find the agendas of meetings and some supporting document below. These are normally in PDF format so you will need the right software to read them. Most people use Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free from this web page.


Finance & Administration Committee  25/04/17     (Adobe/PDF, 235KB)
Planning Committee  18/04/17     (Adobe/PDF, 547KB)
Community Care Committee  06/04/17     (Adobe/PDF, 376KB)
Parish Council  28/03/17     (Adobe/PDF, 385KB)
Maintenance Committee  15/03/17     (Adobe/PDF, 223KB)
Planning Committee  15/03/17     (Adobe/PDF, 379KB)
Parish Council  28/02/17     (Adobe/PDF, 486KB)
Parish Council  31/01/17     (Adobe/PDF, 394KB)
Planning Committee  17/01/17     (Adobe/PDF, 236KB)
Finance & Administration Committee  17/01/17     (Adobe/PDF, 272KB)
Community Care Committee  10/01/17     (Adobe/PDF, 374KB)
Parish Council  03/01/17     (Adobe/PDF, 382KB)


Maintenance Committee  15/12/16     (Adobe/PDF, 238KB)
Parish Council  01/12/16     (Adobe/PDF, 386KB)
Planning Committee  15/11/16     (Adobe/PDF, 232KB)
Parish Council  13/10/16     (Adobe/PDF, 237KB)
Finance & Administration Committee  10/10/16     (Adobe/PDF, 237KB)
Parish Council  03/10/16     (Adobe/PDF, 374KB)
Community Care Committee  21/09/16     (Adobe/PDF, 223KB)
Planning Committee  19/09/16     (Adobe/PDF, 241KB)
Maintenance Committee  19/09/16     (Adobe/PDF, 238KB)
Parish Council  05/09/16     (Adobe/PDF, 360KB)
Planning Committee  15/08/16     (Adobe/PDF, 263KB)
Parish Council  18/07/16     (Adobe/PDF, 423KB)
Finance & Administration Committee  11/07/16     (Adobe/PDF, 233KB)
Planning Committee  04/07/16     (Adobe/PDF, 258KB)
Planning Committee  20/06/16     (Adobe/PDF, 132KB)
Maintenance Committee  20/06/16     (Adobe/PDF, 446KB)
Parish Council  06/06/16     (Adobe/PDF, 363KB)
Planning Committee  23/05/16     (Adobe/PDF, 227KB)
Annual Parish Meeting  16/05/16     (Adobe/PDF, 603KB)
Parish Council  09/05/16     (Adobe/PDF, 440KB)

To see an archive of older agendas back to December 2003 visit this page.